33 kitchen tips you must know

33 kitchen tips you must know


33 kitchen tips you must know

About Kitchen Tips

I am here with my new research on kitchen tips which I want to share with all those person who are directly or indirectly involve in kitchen related tasks either they are male or female.

I have compiled my research and I reached on that point and wrote down my research on paper and wrote down these 33 kitchen tips you must know  for the help of the masses.

With these 33 kitchen tips you must know the person who wants to love cook and eat will remain easy to handle the kitchen related tasks because these 33 kitchen tips are very important for everyone to be aware about it.

I am sure that these 33 kitchen tips will be very useful for all the person living in Asian or European Countries.

Now I would like to share the complete list of 33 kitchen tips you must know which will be described in detail as under.

list of 33 kitchen tips you must know

  3. How to properly use Strainer
  4. Separate Strainer for Eggs
  5. Correct Way to Peel Onion
  6. Food Garbage should be wasted properly
  7. Freezing food tactics
  8. Quick Meat Preservation
  9. Food Slicing
  10. Peeled v/s Pre-peeled Garlic
  11. Examine the ingredients of recipe
  12. Scale should be in kitchen table
  13. Proper way to measure the amount
  14. Direct Measurement
  15. How effectively Graters are used
  16. Salad Decoration and Preparation
  17. Usage of Knife during Chopping
  18. Right Use of Water
  19. Vegetable Drawers and plastic bags
  20. Paper Towel should be placed
  21. Use of Small Boxes
  22. How taste should be maintained
  23. Balancing the Acid in Food
  24. Vinegar – A compulsory food item
  25. How to prevent bits
  26. Maintenance of Extracts of Fruits
  27. Freezing the Food items
  28. Reuse of Cooked Food
  29. Use of Honey during Food making
  30. Spray of Mint on Food
  31. Food will not Stick Now  
  32. Fresh seasonal Food items  
  33. Accelerate the ripening in a short time

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Now I would like to share the complete detail of 33 kitchen tips which will be described in detail as under.

Detail of Kitchen tips


First of all the basic item is blending in the list of 33 kitchen tips you must know I exploit my Food blender greater than any other electric powered device within the kitchen through a protracted shot. Whether or not its puréeing soups at once in the pot, getting rid of ugly lumps in my cheese sauce, or making mayonnaise or hollandaise in underneath mines, the immersion blender is the device for the process.

A great deal less difficult to smooth than a countertop blender or meals processor, no want to transport hot substances from a pot to the blender jar, and the ability to paintings with even small portions of components (supplied you have got a cup that suits its head nicely) make it a useful asset.


Ginger may be problematic to peel with all its bumps and irregularities. In preference to using a paring knife or vegetable peeler, attain for the spoon. Scrape it against the skin and it’s going to come right off, following every contour and minimizing waste..

  1. How to properly use Strainer

A good deal easier than picking out seeds afterwards! Oh, and also you do maintain a crock full of commonplace gear through the stovetop, don’t you?

  1. Separate Strainer for Eggs

That identical strainer may be used to make flawlessly shaped poached eggs. How? Crack the eggs into the strainer over the sink and swirl them around gently to remove the extra watery white. What’s left might be a tight, egg-fashioned egg that poaches up easy. You can use the equal trick to make picture-ideal, billboard glamour-shot-ready fried eggs. Test out the video above for greater details.

  1. Correct Way to Peel Onion

When working with beginning cooks, the most not unusual inefficiency I see is in challenge planning. Say you’ve got 4 onions that want to be peeled, finely diced, and transferred to a large bowl. If you do each of these steps to each onion one after the other, you spend numerous time transferring to and fro between the board, the compost bin, and the bowl, selecting up and placing down your knife, and mentally getting ready yourself for the following challenge.

Alternatively, work like a factory: begin by slicing off the give up and splitting all of the onions. Subsequent peel all the onions. Then make all of your horizontal cuts, followed through all of your vertical cuts. In the end, transfer all of your perfect cube to the bowl and clean down your board and countertop earlier than you move on to the following assignment.

Follow this sort of wondering to all of your duties and you will find that the time you spend within the kitchen will now not handiest be greater efficient, but also neater, purifier, and more organized.

  1. Food Garbage should be wasted properly

There should be a garbage bowl near your paintings station. I wholeheartedly agree, and i might upload that a bench scraper is an vital piece package as nicely. Now not having to stroll back and forth to the garbage each few minutes can take quite a few drudgery our of your prep, and not anything’s better than a bench scraper for moving large portions of fiddly ingredients or scraps from point A to factor B.

  1. Freezing food tactics


  1. When we freezes wine in ice cube trays and stores them within the freezer, equipped to be pulled out one at a time and added to pan sauces and stews, saving you from having to open a whole bottle every time a recipe calls for a few wine.
  2. In addition, in case you make your self a large batch of inventory, freeze it in convenient element sizes in the freezer—ice dice trays and half of-pint deli containers are tremendous for this—then transfer them to a plastic freezer bag to be pulled out an used every time you need fresh inventory.
  • One more freezer trick: freeze things flat and stack them. Whether it is soups, stews, or floor meat, the flatter and wider you can get them, the faster they may freeze and defrost, which no longer most effective makes you more efficient, it also improves the pleasant of the meals (the longer some thing takes to freeze, the extra cell damage it will suffer).


  1. While freezing uncooked meat, soups, and stews, when you have a vacuum sealer, use it! Otherwise, place meals in heavy-obligation freezer bags, squeeze out all the air, lay the bag flat, and use your palms to paintings the contents into as flat or even a shape as feasible.
  2. When freezing greens, reduce them into portions 1-inch or much less and blanch any inexperienced vegetables. Location them on a huge plate or sheet tray spaced other than every other and freeze them strong earlier than shifting to a plastic freezer bag and storing flat.

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  1. Quick Meat Preservation

The quickest manner to defrost meat is under a cold jogging tap. But if you need to shop water and pace things up a chunk, vicinity your meat on an aluminum sheet tray or skillet. Aluminum is a remarkable conductor of warmth and will draw energy from the encircling environment into your frozen meat tons quicker than a wooden slicing board or wooden or stone countertop.

You may cut defrosting instances down through approximately 30 percentage this manner. It also works on soups, stews, and whatever frozen flat.

  1. Food Slicing

To slice avocados for salads or guacamole, cut up them in half of, cast off the pit by using whacking it with the heel of your knife and twisting it out, then slice it directly inside the pores and skin the use of the tip of a paring knife or chef’s knife. Whilst then you scoop it out with a spoon, you may have slices geared up to head, with much less mess than seeking to fiddle with slippery peeled avocado a slicing board.

  1. Peeled v/s Pre-peeled Garlic

I would get a variety of hate for this one, however reality be advised, i use pre-peeled garlic almost solely. I locate peeling garlic shape a whole head to be a bit of a ache in the butt and typically can not be stricken. The pre-peeled stuff, as long as you buy it clean, will final for weeks inside the fridge and notwithstanding what some snooty chefs might also tell you, it tastes simply exceptional.

  1. Examine the ingredients of recipe

When prepping substances for a recipe, check to look while things are brought together and combine them ahead of time—saves stress and dishes,” says Niki. “same whilst thinking about the order of things which you’re cooking—can you use the identical cutting board if you reduce greens earlier than fowl?

  1. Scale should be in kitchen table

There are two reasons to apply a precise scale when baking: accuracy and performance.

Because the amount of ingredients is a necessary thing to check also to check the temperature.

  1. Proper way to measure the amount

The usage of volumetric cup measures is extraordinarily inaccurate for compressible ingredients like flour. Relying on your scooping or sifting approach, a cup of flour can weight everywhere among 4 and 6 oz. It really is a difference of 50 percentage! With a scale, however, you understand that your cup of flour is precisely the equal time after time, giving you higher, more regular effects. Our standard cup conversion is 5 oz of all-cause flour in step with cup.

  1. Direct Measurement

A scale may even prevent smooth up! As opposed to using specific cups to measure out every factor, just region a bowl to your scale, and measure directly into the paintings bowl as you move.

  1. How effectively Graters are used

Microplane graters are top notch for taking zest off of citrus fruit. They may be additionally brilliant for grating ginger. They may be tremendous for grating garlic (i have never owned a garlic press in years). You can be notable too, but you will want a microplane to get there.

  1. Salad Decoration and Preparation

How do I ensure that i get sufficient salads in my weight-reduction plan? By usually having a few amazing dressing on hand in a geared up-to-get dressed squeeze bottle inside the refrigerator door. The easiest manner to do that is to write the recipe without delay on the side of a squeeze bottle, drawing lines for every elements. On every occasion I run out, I don’t actually have to drag out my measuring spoons or cups.

  1. Usage of Knife during Chopping

For most home chefs, sprucing have to be executed a couple of times a 12 months. In case you’re up for the assignment, you could get yourself some stones and do it yourself, though maximum oldsters will favor to take their knives to a professional. Some thing you do, do not use the ones awful electric powered grinding machines in an effort to strip off a long way greater metallic than is necessary, carrying your knife down and shortening its beneficial lifespan.

  1. Right Use of Water

I discovered a notable kitchen shortcut the alternative night time on the winery: the usage of the water a few feta cheese is available in as the base of a cheesy sauce for pasta.

  1. Vegetable Drawers and plastic bags

Don’t you hate it whilst you open up the vegetable drawer and see that plastic produce bag at the bottom it’s full of green slime that was once herbs? You may make bigger the lifespan of washed herbs and vegetables through several days via rolling them up in damp paper towels and placing them in zipper-lock baggage with the seals left slightly open.

  1. Paper Towel 

The paper towels may also provide you with a integrated freshness indicator. At the primary trace of degradation, you may see darker spots of liquid forming on the paper towels. This is a great sign which you have to burn up your herbs and greens within a day or two.

  1. Use of Small Boxes

For chopped or picked herbs, keep them in a small deli box with a folded up damp paper towel on top of them.

  1.  Taste maintenance

We all realize that restaurant meals tastes extremely good due to the fact chefs season things with salt at every degree of the system. You ought to be doing this at home too!

  1. Balancing the Acid in Food

But right here’s any other mystery: balancing acid is just as critical as getting salt ranges right in relation to making things delicious. A squeeze of lemon juice in your sautéed greens will brighten them up (attempt them in mushrooms with a sprint of soy sauce and you may have the mushroomiest-tasting mushrooms you’ve ever tasted).

  1. Vinegar – A compulsory food item

A dash of vinegar can adjust your soup or stew from heavy and leaden to clean and flavorful. I maintain several different styles of acid accessible always—lemons, limes, white vinegar, pink wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, and rice wine vinegar for starters—and use them judiciously while the occasion calls for it.

  1. How to prevent bits

To prevent bits from soaring across your kitchen whilst you spoil spaghetti into the pot, first wrap your pasta in a clean dish towel. Bend the towel back and forth to break the noodles, then carefully open the towel and slide the portions into the boiling water.

  1.      Maintenance of Extracts of Fruits

Maintain lemon and orange extracts for your pantry shelf to use when you don’t have sparkling citrus zest. If your recipe requires 1 teaspoon of zest, replacement half teaspoon extract. Ensure to add the extract with the relaxation of the liquid substances inside the recipe. Get all of our helpful right there.

  1. Freezing the Food items

After grocery buying, repackage boneless, skinless chook breasts in freezer luggage with marinade before you freeze. Then just thaw overnight in the refrigerator and prepare as desired.  Take a look at out these  that you may make ahead.

  1. Reuse of Cooked Food

Store extra crescent rolls from final night’s dinner and reuse them as candy treats. Sprinkle every with sugar and cinnamon and microwave for 15 to twenty seconds. They’re ideal for busy mornings and make scrumptious treats for brunches.

  1. Use of Honey during Food making

Upload a bit honey for your marinade or sauce while grilling. The sugar within the honey caramelizes to help create gourmand-searching grill marks. You could even use this trick when cooking meals on the range! You’ll wish you knew these kitchen hacks way quicker!

  1. Spray of Mint on Food  

Liven up your libations and freeze a spray of mint, a bit of lemon or other garnishes in ice cubes. Strive experimenting with different types of cubes, too. As an instance, plunk a cherry in an ice cube tray cup, cowl with pink lemonade and freeze.

  1. Food will not Stick Now  

Warmness stainless-steel cookware successfully to hold food from sticking. Location the cooking vessel over medium to high heat for one to a few minutes.


  1. Fresh seasonal Food items  

. The flavor of a dish depends on a mess of variables, together with freshness of components, how it changed into organized and how its miles seasoned.  To prevent over salting, use a little bit at a time to begin.

  1. Accelerate the ripening in a short time  

Accelerate ripening be a total magician and morph a banana from inexperienced to yellow (or a peach from crunchy to juicy) with the help of a paper bag.

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Concluding Remarking

about the above mentioned 33 kitchen tips you must know

These are the 33 kitchen tips  you must know . After consulting with the masters in this field who are working day and night to create unique ideas to save time and make food delicious in a shorter span of time. I hope you all will find these 33 kitchen tips you must know because these  very productive and by using these kitchen tips you can easily manage the food recipes and make wonder the people by preparing salubrious and delicious meals and food items.

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